Friday, 31 August 2012

Spring Haul

Happy Friday!

With the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers Conference coming up this weekend, I decided I needed a new outfit.

So last night off we (yep, boyfriend was dragged along for company/bag holding duties) went to the local shopping centre and I started looking around for an outfit that might work.

What I came out with was FAR more than I expected to purchase, I rarely go on shopping sprees like this.

Ally, Valley Girl & Priceline - 3 bags full!

I’ll break it down into stores:

Ally Fashion:
This was the first store I hit; we have 2 birthdays to attend tonight so I wanted something nice but not too dressy to wear.

Cut-Out Peplum Top - Lime: $24.99 – I never thought I’d purchase such a bright colour but I love it!
Classic Black Skinny Jeans: $34.99

Valley Girl:
This was the one I did the most damage in! I now have some really nice clothing for spring though!
(That’s me trying to justify my spending)

Violet Shirt - $14.95
2 x Basic Tops - Black & Olive Green $4.95
White Blazer $39.95
2 x Skinny Pants: Mint Green & Sky Blue: $19.95 – A trend i’ve been wanting to try for a while now, let’s see if I have the courage to wear them!

Lastly was Priceline:

Australis Glitter Nail Polish: fairy bread $6.00 – So cute!!
Nailene square nails: $12.49
Maybelline One by One mascara $16.00
Revlon Colour Stay Whipped Foundation: $24.00 – On sale ladies!
And lastly 2 x Napro Palette Semi Hair-Dye: 4.99 purple cherry $5.99

I have decided to colour my hair after work tonight so I will probably post a review of the product tomorrow morning/ show result photos!

Anyway, I now think I’m set for clothes for a while, my bank balance definitely felt the blow!

Have a lovely weekend all!


  1. I love the Australis nail polish. It looks great.

  2. Nice haul! Those Valley Girl pastel jeans are so pretty

  3. Great haul! Let us know how the beauty bloggers conference goes :)

  4. Great haul, haha. I love the look of those pastel jeans! I own that same fairy bread polish but have yet to use it!