Tuesday, 29 May 2012

7 Deadly Sins!

Heyyyyyy! Long time no blog.

I have been hit with a nasty chest infection which led to a week off work / feeling sorry for myself.
Thought I’d throw myself straight back into it and post this beauty tag I saw on

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lust Have It - May Edition

I recently received my may subscription pack from Lust have it in the mail.
Overall I was pretty excited as I had peaked online to see what other people were receiving this month.
Also this was the first month of Lust Have it collaborating with Glossy Box so I was super keen to see what was inside!

(sorry for the terrible photo quality, appears my camera is M.I.A)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Priceline Haul

During my lunch break today I decided instead of heading to my usual cafe for my toasted sandwich & can of coke I would be spontaneous and head to Priceline.

I did warn you all in my first post that I was a bit of a Priceline addict, but I actually had a reason for going and that was to spend my well earned $17.83 voucher.

I ended up purchasing the following;

L-R: Savvy by DB  Lipstick in “Plum”
Britney Spears “Midnight Fantasy” perfume set
Face of Australia Lip Quench in “Lychee Crush”

Let’s start with the Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy Perfume Set $39.00 

You get a 100ml bottle of EDT & a 100ml body lotion - Pretty sweet deal I think!
I personally wanted a cheaper perfume to wear to work during winter, i did wear Britney perfumes back in high school and i figured I'd give Britters' another go.

Notes as listed on fragrantica.com:
Top notes include Exotic Framboise, black cherry, and plum.
The heart features an harmonious dialogue of night orchid, freesia and iris.
Amber, musk and vanilla create a dark and warm trail.

I adore this scent. I am not a fan of the original fantasy – I find that rather nauseating, but this little beauty is in a league of its own!

Now on to the lipsticks, which I’ll admit were an impulse buy.

First up is the Face Of Australia – Lip Quench in Lychee Crush - $9.45
A gorgeous pinky toned nude, I’ve been on the hunt for a nude that suits me and doesn’t leave me looking like I’ve slapped foundation over my lips.
The other thing I like about the FOA lip quenches (I also own Malibu Barbie) is that they contain SPF30+ and a combination of Shea butter and jojoba oil.. they do feel rather luxurious.

Last but not least is the Savvy by DB lipstick in Plum - $4.99
Savvy by DB is a fairly cheap brand I believe they’ve just re-designed all their products.
Rather odd colour choice for me I’ll admit but as we are heading into the cooler weather and all the lovely burgundy knits/denim are starting to come into the stores, I felt I wanted a nice deep colour to wear along with it.

So that was my quick lunch break splurge..
Now I just have to figure out how to sneak it into my beauty/dressing room without the BF realising!

Mini Haul

So last night I was trying to avoid going to my local Westfield shopping centre and spending money on a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t need.

However, I ended up needing to head to Coles for miscellaneous items..
While strolling/dragging my partner down the health & beauty isle I spotted the Ulta3 section had a big sale sign stuck to it... all items $1.00!
Personally I felt it was rude not to have a look.

Now I already own quite a few polishes from the Ulta3 brand, and for the regular $2 price tag I really enjoy them!

I ended up purchasing 4 colours;

L-R: Lily White, Pink Colada, Footloose Fuchsia & Carrot Top

Lily White A lovely white crème polish.

Pink Colada: Don’t be fooled by the name.. this is more so a red polish with pink tones.

Footloose Fuchsia: Deep pink colour with purple undertones.

Carrot Top: A gorgeous orange with red undertones... not too bright, not too dull.

As usual I’m really impressed with the quality or Ulta3 polishes & believe i'll definitely be heading back this weekend to grab a few more whilst they’re a dollar!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Losing My Blogging Virginity

I’ll start this post by giving you a warm welcome to my new blog.

Secondly, I’ll introduce myself...

My name is Kristy and I’m a 23 year old (soon to be 24...eek) female from Australia that has a rather large addiction/borderline obsession with beauty products.

After being a lurker of many beauty blogs and forums, I thought I’d take the plunge and make one myself.
I also have a YouTube channel with a whopping TWO videos on there, I hope to gain enough confidence to start making more videos.

I have high hopes for this blog – after all more than half my wage goes on beauty products, I believe I should have shares in the store Priceline soon.

Anyway, I have lots of posts & ideas in my mind for the future so keep your eyes peeled!