Friday, 11 May 2012

Mini Haul

So last night I was trying to avoid going to my local Westfield shopping centre and spending money on a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t need.

However, I ended up needing to head to Coles for miscellaneous items..
While strolling/dragging my partner down the health & beauty isle I spotted the Ulta3 section had a big sale sign stuck to it... all items $1.00!
Personally I felt it was rude not to have a look.

Now I already own quite a few polishes from the Ulta3 brand, and for the regular $2 price tag I really enjoy them!

I ended up purchasing 4 colours;

L-R: Lily White, Pink Colada, Footloose Fuchsia & Carrot Top

Lily White A lovely white crème polish.

Pink Colada: Don’t be fooled by the name.. this is more so a red polish with pink tones.

Footloose Fuchsia: Deep pink colour with purple undertones.

Carrot Top: A gorgeous orange with red undertones... not too bright, not too dull.

As usual I’m really impressed with the quality or Ulta3 polishes & believe i'll definitely be heading back this weekend to grab a few more whilst they’re a dollar!


  1. Oh, aren't Ulta3 polishes fun? You can buy so many and not feel bad! I have 2 bottles of lily white, it is great for lightening up other colours and making those gradient nails, and also if you add a little bit to Ulta3 Mojito you get a very nice dupe of Illamasqua Nomad (found that out after I brought Nomad home and put it next to Mojito, money well spent lol)

    1. Ooh good idea! thanks for the tips :)
      - Kristy

  2. These look amazing and they are so cheap. I have heard of Ulta before but now I am even more intrigued X

  3. beautiful colours! xx

  4. Hey Kristy, congratz on starting a blog! :) I reckon you should allow people to follow you via Google Friend Connect, it's really convenient for everyone.