Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11 Question Tag

Hey everyone.. bit of something to mix things up...
I was tagged by  to answer the 11 questions tag.
The rules:
·         Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their own blog
·         Answer the questions the tagger has sent you, as well as create 11 new questions for your 'taggers' to answer
·         Choose 11 people to tag and link them in your post  (I’m cheating and choosing 5 because I’m at work)

11 facts:
1.     I am lactose intolerant but still indulge in chocolate.
2.     I almost drowned in a friend’s pool when I was 8 years old. I still get flash backs.
3.     My boyfriend is a Police Officer
4.     I am a very fast reader. 50 shades of grey? Knocked that one out in 4.5 hours.
5.     I am a reality TV show junkie. I can’t help it... anything on MTV/Arena/E that looks tacky – you can bet I’m watching it!
6.     My Mum is only 39. She had me 6 days after her 16th birthday.
7.     I have 2 brothers yet always wanted a sister.
8.     I have 8 tattoos.
9.     I literally cannot stand the taste or smell of cinnamon
10.  I am addicted to tea. Especially chamomile & spearmint.
11.  My favourite food in the entire world is vegemite on toast.

11 questions from FlashPashPop:
1.     If you could be told the date you will die, would you want to know?  No, I don’t think I’d cope very well with knowing exactly when it would happen. I’d prefer to try and live my life to the fullest while I still have time.
2.     What is the one cosmetic item that you could not live without? Mascara for sure!
3.     What is the one thing you wish you could have known 5 years ago, that you know today?  Don’t put up with being treated unfairly in a relationship. There is someone else out there for you that will treat you better than you can ever imagine.
4.     Do you prefer bold eyes or bold lips?  I was always a Smokey eye girl but recently I can’t get enough of a bold lip!
5.     Do you prefer water or land activities? Land. Fact number 2 will explain that one!!
6.     How much time per week do you spend on line? Too many hours to count! I’m a bit of a net junkie.
7.     What cell phone do you own? iPhone 4
8.     Who is your favourite band? Oooh... toughy... I like a mixture.. INXS, Good Charlotte, Angels & Airwaves, Maroon 5... The list could go on!
9.     Neutrals or Brights? For clothing I’d have to say neutral. I work in a corporate office so I don’t really get to venture out of black/white/grey.
10.  Who would you love to change lives with for one day and why?  Katy Perry... she is Ammmmmmazing.

My 11 questions:
1. Who is your Fashion style icon?
2. Who is your Beauty style icon?
3. What is your earliest memory from your childhood?
4. First celebrity crush?
5. What time do you wake up on a weekday?
6. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
7. What is your all time favourite song?
8.  What is your holy-grail makeup product?
9. Favourite memory of being a teenager?
10. What is your favourite movie?
11. What is your favourite way to unwind after a hard/stressful day?

Okay coming up with questions was allot harder than I expected!

The 5 lovely bloggers I chose are:
1.      Jasmine:
3.      Sophie:
4.      Bianka:
5.      Kelly-Anne:

Can’t wait to read your answers!


  1. Great questions and answers! I'm addicted to tea as well :) I have one tattoo and would love another one (or five). Thanks for the tag, I finally finished my post. It took me so long to write!

  2. I enjoyed reading this! :)
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and thank you for your book suggestion, I shall have a look at it!

    Natasha Carly x

  3. I love vegemite on toast too! Soooo much. Have you tried vegemite and avocado on toast? It is amazziinng.

    Thanks for the questions, here's the answers :)

    1. I haven't but will be now! thanks for the idea :)
      Awesome answers x

  4. Green tea and Vegemite toast are the perfect combo for cold mornings :) x

  5. your blog is absolutely gorgeous(((:

    Wanna follow each other? let me know: follow me and I will follow you back!