Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Long time no blog eh?

Where have I been you ask?
(Well probably not but ill enlighten you anyway)
I had endometriosis surgery 3 weeks ago and have been at home recuperating.

The surgery itself was pretty quick but the recovering period has been less than pleasant –
I’ll spare you the details.
I had 2 weeks off of work so my month has been pretty boring & painful.

I thought I would post a month that was via instagram pictures again...
|Burrito Time|Margaritas & foul tasting jellybeans|Breakfast in bed|English Breakfast Tea|
|Burlesque = makeup tutorial?|Danni's Birthday|After Endo Surgery|Flowers from Work|
|My godson Jordan & I|My Family|New mascara|Baking a storm|
|My attempt at a Baby Shower Cake|Wet & Wild Dollhouse Pink|Back at work|Bullet|

Once again if you haven’t already, feel free to follow me on instagram: kristylouise_
I’m waiting on a tonne of my online shopping items to arrive so once they do I’ll be able to post some reviews / tutorials.


  1. I hope your recovery goes well and you get back to a more routined blog soon! xxx

  2. I really like your instagram highlights :) hope that you're back to feeling 100% ASAP.

  3. I hope your recovery is going well. I had the same surgery a couple of years ago and the recovery was far more painful than the 1 week or so the doctor told me! It's been a roller coaster ever since. Best of luck! :)

    1. Thanks Sophie!
      It's definitely more painful then they tell you!